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Argent Vanguard

Icecrown is the last map of Northrend, which is also the camp of Lich King. Here you will experience the direct conflicts between Argent Crusade and Scourage Army, the successful infiltration of the Knights of the Ebon Blade in the central Scourage hinterland, and the daily disturb from The Skybreaker. You can even find out the unknown history about Arthas became the Lich King with Frostmourne in his hand. Blizzard is using a new technology in this map. The environment will change along with the process of your quests. This is so cool. At Dalaran in Krasus's landing, Officer Van Rossem will give you a quest "Preparations for War" and will send you to Icecrowns Skybreaker.

Argent Vanguard is the first camp of Argent Crusade, Tirion Fording is here. There is a Flight Master, but no Inn.


1Preparations for War!(circle)

Arrived at Orgrim's Hammer, Turn in 1, accept 2 and "It's All Fun and Games". Carry with quest 2.

2Judgment Day Comes!(87,75)
3Honor Above All Else(87,75)

Turn in 3, and accept 4.5.6, do them together

4Scourge Tactics(84,76)
5Curing The Incurable(84,76)
6Defending The Vanguard(84,76)

Turn in 4.5.6, and accept 7

7If There Are Survivors...(87,79)
8Into The Wild Green Yonder(78,65)
9A Cold Front Approaches(85,76)
10The Last Line Of Defense(85,75)
11Once More Unto The Breach, Hero(83,72)

Turn in 11, and accept

12The Purging Of Scourgeholme(78,66)
13The Scourgestone(78,66)

Do 12.13 together

14The Stone That Started A Revolution(65,51)
15It Could Kill Us All(65,51)

Do 14.15 together.Turn in, and accept 16.17.

16The Restless Dead(79,64)
17The Air Stands Still(79,60)

Turn in 16.17, and accept 18

18Into The Frozen Heart Of Northrend(86,75)
19The Battle For Crusaders' Pinnacle(80,71)
20The Crusaders' Pinnacle(79,71)

Turn in 20 and accept A Tale of Valor, opening quest line A Hero.Note: 20 is one of the two quests to trigger Orgrim's Hammer to begin quest line Arthas. The other quest is Free Your Mind that you can accept later.After the battle, Crusaders' Pinnacle will be built up, there are Inn and flight master. Pack your stuff then move to the next stop The Shadow Vault.