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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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This is the camp of Explorers's League, which is the first you have met Frostborn elfs. Under the leader of a mistory king, they become displined brave warriors.


1Ancient Relics(28,74)

Relic of Ulduar, demanded by the quest, will be dropped by mobs of this whole map. It is easy to collect and can be used to exchange for buff items which will be useful during leveling.

2Offering Thanks(29,74)

Accept 3.4.5, finish all of the three and go back to camp to deliver them.

3Missing Scouts(34,64)
4Loyal Companions(38,58)
5On Brann's Trail(36,64)

Accept 6.7.9 .

6Stemming the Aggressors(28,67)
7Baby Stealers(28,67)

Deliver 6.7 and accept 8 .

8Sirana Iceshriek(25,66)

Needs to be finished by group of three people .

9Sniffing Out the Perpetrator(47,61)
10Pieces to the Puzzle(38,41)
11Data Mining(38,41)
12The Library Console(37,44)
13Norgannon's Shell(37,46)

Deliver 13, accept 14 and The Exiles of Ulduar, keep this and finish 14 first .

14Aid from the Explorer's League.(29,73)

Deliver 14 and accept 15 and 16 .

15The Frostborn King(30,74)
16Fervor of the Frostborn(29,75)

Deliver 15.16, accept 17.18 .

17An Experienced Guide(27,66)
18Unwelcome Guests(27,66)

Deliver 17, accept 19, do not deliver 18 when you finished .

19The Lonesome Watcher(27,66)
20Fate of the Titans(45,49)
21The Hidden Relic(41,61)
22Fury of the Frostborn King(38,61)
23The Master Explorer(39,56)
24The Brothers Bronzebeard(30,74)

Deliver 24 and accept 25 .

25Pushed Too Far(43,64)

Deliver 25, go to the next camp Bouldercrag's Refuge .