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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Passed the multiple tests, now you become the best of Hyldnir, just one more victory, you could meet The Temple of Storm-Thorim.

1The Drakkensryd(33,60)
2Sibling Rivalry(33,57)
3Mending Fences(77,62)

Mob of quest 3 will drop Slag Covered Metal which will activate a quest .

4The Refiner's Fire(77,62)
5A Spark of Hope(33,57)
6Forging an Alliance(65,60)

Quest 6 asks you to go to Dun Niffeelem to talk with King Jokku, and then Jokkum claims that you need to help Njormedld first which is quest 7.
Dun Niffeelem is a place where assembled a group of person called themselves Son of Hodir. There is a flight monsters. Reputation here could offer enchanting of the shoulder, honored and worship respectively.

7You Can't Miss Him(75,63)

Find Njormeld, and accept 8 .

8Battling the Elements(75,63)

Finish 8, go back to camp and find Njormeld, 6 is finished, now you can accept 9.10.12.

9In Memoriam(71,48)
10Hot and Cold(69,61)

Daily quest .
Deliver 9.10 and accept 11 .

11A Monument to the Fallen(63,63)

Deliver 11, repuation of The sons of Hodir become friendly, accept 20.23 .

12A New Beginning(63,63)
14Territorial Trespass(38,65)
15Krolmir, Hammer of Storms(65,60)

Quest 15 requires that your reputation of The Sons of Hodir to be friendly which you have already reached .

16The Terrace of the Makers(56,51)

16 finished, accept 17.18 .

17The Earthen Oath(52,50)
18Loken's Lackeys(57,44)

Deliver 17.18, accept 19 .

19The Reckoning(35,31)

Deliver 19, you can accept two instance quest and choose what you would like to do.

20Forging a Head(69,59)

Deliver 20 and accept 21.24 .

21Mounting Hodir's Helm(64,59)
22Polishing the Helm(56,64)

Daily quest .

23Jormuttar is Soo Fat...(56,64)

You can do 22 and 23 together .

24Blowing Hodir's Horn(71,49)

Daily quest .

25Whatever it Takes!(65,60)

Choose to do instance quest .

26Diametrically Opposed(65,60)

Choose to do instance quest.
Go to the next stop Frosthold.