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The Storm Peaks used large number of image map technology, the environment will change according to the pace of your quest, making the game player feel like they are doing this in the reality. There are two main quest lines for the story quest in this map, one is the revenge of Temple of Storms, Thorim, the other is the return of the great archeologist Brann ronzebeard.

You will become one of the leading roles in this epic play which is mixed up with mythology and legend.


Rin Duoctane in the sewer of Dalaran, always loves to introduce people who love explosives to K3. Accept quest1 from him, flying to K3 in the north of Storm Peaks. You can also refuse this quest, just go to K3 directly. The air in the sewer is really very bad. This K3 quest is very interesting, offering guide for the two main quest on this map.

1 Luxurious Getaway! (41.86)

Arriving K3, bingding Hearth Stone, open the route, accept, you can finish quest 2.3 on the way to do quest 4 .

2 Clean Up. (38.85)
3 Reclaimed Rations. (38.85)
4 Expression of Gratitude. (30.85)

Deliver 2.3.4, accept 5.8 .

5 Just Around the Corner. (34.86)
6 Slightly Unstable. (40.85)
7 A Delicate Touch. (43.81)

Do not deliver now, when finished, it turns to be daily quest Overstock .

8 Ample Inspiration (41.80)

Do not deliver now, accept 9.10 .

9 Moving In. (40.78)
10 Ore Repossession. (40.78)

When you are doing 9.10, Injured Goblin Miner at Crystalweb Cavernwill give you quest 11 .

11 Only Partly Forgotten. (46.72)
12 Bitter Departure. (40.85)

Deliver 9.10, go to finish 13.14 .

13 They Took Our Men! (41.72)
14 Equipment Recovery. (41.72)

Deliver, accept 15, and you can also accept Leave No Goblin Behind, keep it .

15 Opening the Backdoor. (45.82)

When you are doing quest 15, you can accept 17 from Gino from Garm's Rise .
Deliver 15 and accept 16 .

16 Know No Fear. (48.81)

You can finish 16 and 17 together .

17 A Flawless Plan. (48.81)
18 Demolitionist Extraordinaire. (40.85)

Go back to camp to deliver 16.18 and accept 19 .

19 When All Else Fails. (39.52)

Accept quest 20, the rocket will take you to Grom'arsh Crash-Site automatically .
If you happen to have 10 Relic of Ulduars in your package, you can finish Rork's quest Ancient Relics directly when you arrive at Frosthold, then you can get Relic of Ulduar to exchange buff items with him .
When open the route for Grom'arsh Crash-Site, return to Brunnhildar Village .