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Nesingwary Base Camp

Sholazar Basin is Titans' laboratory at Northrend. It' s similar to Un' Goro Crater at Kalimdor.There are two main neutral camps here,Nesingwary Base Camp and Lakeside Landing. The only Inn at Sholazar Basin is at Nesingwary Base Camp . when you reach lvl 77,you can look for Pilot Vic at Lakeside Landing or Hira Snowdawn at Dalaran to learn new Riding Skill " Cold Weather Flying ",requires Riding Skill 150. Training cost is 1000G, make sure you have enough money. After you learn the new skill, now you can sommon flying mount at Northrend. Cool,isn' t it?

Nesingwary Base Camp

Nesingwary' s camp has Inn,but there are no flying point until finishing quest 3. There are plenty of hunting quests here. Do not miss any targets on your list.

Going to Sholazar Basin, there is a short cut,s go to Krasus' Landing at Dalaran to speak with Archmage Pentarus, accept the first quests, he will send you to Sholazar Basin.

1 Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary? (39,58)

While flying you will be attacked, when you accomplish jumping off ( you will not fail ), you will see Monte Muzzleshot who is on the tree,he will give you quest 2, asking you to go to Nesingwary Base Camp.

2 Welcome to Sholazar Basin (27,58)

arriving Nesingwary Base Camp, binding health stones, accept 3.4.5 .

3 Need an Engine, Take an Engine (38.56)

Go to Monte Muzzleshot to get a Engine, then go to Swindlegrin' s Dig to finish quest 5.6 .

4 It Could Be Anywhere!

Any mobs can drop Golden Engagement Ring in this map.So go to the next quest, good luck!

5 Venture Co, Misadventure (27.59

While doing quest 5, you can accept quest 6.

6 Engineering a Disaster (27.58)

Turn in 3.5.6 and you will be able to open the flight point. If you are lucky enough then you should have finished quest 4. Turn it in and accept 7/8/9

7 Kick, What Kick? (27.59)

Take a gun and shoot the apple which is on top of the head of the Gnome, you won' t miss the target as long as you shoot at the designated area.

8 Rhino Mastery: The Test (27.58)
9 Dreadsaber Mastery: Becoming a Predator (26.59)
10 The Great Hunter' s Challenge. (27.59)

Even though it' s a hunting competition, do not be nervous, you will win for sure.

Go back to camp to turn in 8.9.10, accept

Go to Swindlegrin' s Dig to do 11.12, don' t Turn in

11 Wipe That Grin Off His Face (35.49)
12 Have a Part, Give a Part (25.58)

Finish 13 also while Going north to Bittertide Lake.

13 Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey (38.42)

Go north-east to do 15, then go back to camp, along the road do quest 14 .

14 Crocolisk Mastery: The Trial (36.59)
15 Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor (41.54)

Deliver, accept 16.18.19 .

16 Still At It (26.59)

Need you to assist making fruit juices, follow McManus' s order, you need to be quick about this. Turn it in and accept 17.

17 The Taste Test (27.58)

You need 3 people to taste your Jungle Punch Sample, the first 2 are at Nesingwary Base Camp, the third one is Tamara at Lakeside Landing. You don' t need to finish the quest right away, you can accept quest 25 which will lead you to Lakeside Landing, meet Tamara then. For now, let' s proceed with quest 18 and 19

18 Rhino Mastery: The Chase (25.66)
19 A Steak Fit for a Hunter