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The Gods of Trolls

Following is another main quest line in zul'drak. Let's see what has happened between the crazy Troll and their primitive manito.

Quest Line One: Altar of Sseratus

You should have already accept this quest in The Argent Stand. Now let's go and carry out this quest line.

1 New Orders for Sergeant Stackhammer (40.48)
2 Argent Crusade.We Are Leaving! (40.44)
3 Mopping Up (40.44)

When you are doing quest 3, you can get a quest item to activate quest 4.

4 Strange Mojo (40.65)
5 Precious Elemental Fluids (40.65)

You can accept quest 7 besides quest 5 and then finish them together.

6 Mushroom Mixer (43.55)
7 The Drakkari Do Not Need Water Elementals! (40.65)
8 Gluttonous Lurkers (43.55)
9 Too Much of a Good Thing (40.42)

Up to here, the quest in Altar of Sseratus has already been finished. Accept quest (10) and go to Altar of Har'koa to continue the quest line.

Quest Line Two: Altar of Har'koa

10 To the Witch Doctor (59.58)
11 Breaking Through Jin'Alai (58.62)
14 To Speak With Har'koa (63.70)
15 But First My Offspring (67.77)

Now we shold move our quest from Altar of Har'koa to Altar of Rhunok

Quest Line Three: Altar of Rhunok

16 Spirit of Rhunok (53.38)
17 My Prophet,My Enemy (54.47)
18 An End to the Suffering (53.35)
19 Back to Har'koa (63.70)

Its easy to finish the quest in Altar of Rhunok, now lets continue our adventure in Altar of Quetz'lun and Altar of Mammoth.

Quest Line Four: Altar of Quetz'lun & Altar of Mammoth

The quest line here lies between Altar of Quetz'lun and Altar of Mammoth

20 I Sense a Disturbance (63.70)
21 Preparations for the Underworld (63.70)
22 Seek the Wind Serpent Goddess (75.58)
23 Setting the Stage (73.62)