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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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The Argent Stand

Quest Line One: The Argent Stand

1 Taking a Stand (39.67)

You should have already accepted this quest for the Overlord Drakuru quest series.. When finished, you can accept the following four quests:(2)(3)(4)(6).Put this (6) aside and finish the other 3 first.

2 The Blessing of Zim'Abwa (36.72)

This is a quest that you can use properities to exchange for buffs. You can get the properities from the drops of the mobs on this map.

3 Trouble at the Altar of Sseratus (40.38)

When you finished this quest, you can accept a quest called New Orders for Sergeant Stackhammer, opening another quest line, put it aside first.

4 Defend the Stand (37.66)
5 Parachutes for the Argent Crusade (37.66)

Quest Line Two: Pa'Troll

6 Pa'Troll (48.78)

This quest asks you to go and find 4 NPCs and finish their quests respectively. This quest will linked most of the quests in the middle area of the whole ZulDrak. Now lets plan a course to finish the quest line.

1.Captain Brandon

Go to the north of the camp first and find Captain Brandon, finish quest (7).

7 Something for the Pain (43.81)

When finish quest Captain Brandon, head to the east to find Captain Rupert

2.Captain Rupert

There are 4 npcs here, who will give you 4 quest lines respectively. You can accept all of them together which can be finished in this small area.

Captain Ruper will give you the following 3 quests.

8 Throwing Down (52.66)
9 Cocooned! (54.69)
10 Pure Evil (14.68)

Specialist Cogwheel, standing by Captain Rupert will give you the following 3 continuous quests.

11 Skimmer Spinnerets (53.83)
12 Crashed Sprayer (48.75)
13 A Tangled Skein (58.76)

Dr. Rogers standing by Captain Rupert will give you 14

14 Leave No One Behind (50.69)

Sergeant Moonshard standing by Captain Rupert will give you the following 2continuous quests.

15 Death to the Necromagi (55.87)
16 Malas the Corrupter (60.78)

When finished Captain Ruperts quest, go to the east part of The Argent Stand to look for Captain Grondel

3.Captain Grondel

Captain Grondel has only one quest with him.

17 Creature Comforts (43.57)

When finished, return to The Argent Stand, head north to find Alchemist Finklestein

4.Alchemist Finklestein

Alchemist Finklestein will give you quest 18

18 Lab Work (35.52)

When finished quest (18), quest (6) Pa'Troll will be finished, do not hurry to go back to deliver, Captain Arnath standing by Alchemist Finklestein will give you thress quests at the same time, when finished all of the 3, then you can go back to finish quest (18) now.

19 Siphoning the Spirits (36.61)
20 Stocking the Shelves (36.57)
21 Clipping Their Wings