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Light's Breach

Zul'Drak is an area located in eastern Northrend. It is home to the Drakkari Ice Trolls and their Frost King Malakk. Their capital is the city of Gundrak. The Drakkari have recently gone mad after they sacrificed their animal gods in an attempt to fight off the Scourge. The Argent Dawn will return to play a role in Zul'Drak and the zone itself will be a giant ziggurat of the now broken.

Quest Line One: Light's Breach

When arrived at Light's Trust in Dragonblight, you can accept the leading quest "Into The Breach!", and then you can fly to Light's Breach . Here you can accept those following 3 quests at the same time and finish them in a same area.

1 Check Up on Raegar (35.83)
2 Trolls Is Gone Crazy! (34.81)
3 Wanted: Ragemane's Flipper (37.84)

This is an elite mob which should be done by three players.

Here you can also accept 4In Search Of Answers and23Crusader Forward Camp which will open the quest line of Overlord Drakuru and The Storm King's Vengeance respectively. You can finish 4 first and leave 23 to finish in the future.

Quest Line Two: Overlord Drakuru

You can also accept quest 4In Search Of Answers at Light's Breach, opening the quest line of Overlord Drakuru at Zul'Drak.

4 In Search Of Answers (35.83)

You can finish this quest with(1)(2)(3).

5 Orders From Drakuru (32.75)
6 The Ebon Watch (14.73)

This quest will guide you to The Ebon Watch. You can also accept another quest Taking a Stand which will guide us to the second stop The Argent Stand. Put it aside to continue our quest line.

7 Kickin' Nass and Takin' Manes (14.68)

The previous quest mob will drop a quest item which will activate quest 8Darkness Calling.

8 Darkness Calling (14.73)
9 Close Call (14.74)
10 Silver Lining (20.74)
11 Suit Up! (19.75)

When finished, do not hurry to deliver, accept(12)and finish it, then go back to deliver(11)and accept(13)(14)

12 Feedin' Da Goolz (36.61)
13 Infiltrating Voltarus (28.44)
14 Reunited (29.47)

Finish(13)and(14)together, deliver them and then accept(15)(16)

15 So Far, So Bad (28.44)
16 It Rolls Downhill (28.44)

Finish (15) and (16) together, deliver them and then accept(17)(18)

17 Hazardous Materials (28.44)
18 Zero Tolerance (28.44)

Finish(17)and (18)together, deliver them and then accept(19)(20)(21)

19 Sabotage (28.44)
20 Fuel for the Fire (32.40)
21 Disclosure (27.46)

Finished and then accept (22)

22 Betrayal<