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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Granite Springs

This is a neutral camp, no Flight point and Inn. The sophisticated designed Drakura Quest line Drakura starts here. The conspiracy has been set up at the moment when you smearing blood with Drakuru. Have you even noticed that?

1 Troll Season! (16.47)
2 Filling the Cages (14.60)
3 Scourgekabob (16.48)
4 Shimmercap Stew (14.60)

Accept this quest along with quest 9, dont do them, speak with Drakuru in cage will trigger quest 5, do quest 5 first.

5 Truce? (16.47)
6 Vial of Visions (15.40)
7 Subject to Interpretation (14.60)

You can collect the items for quest 4 here.

8 Sacrifices Must be Made (18.36)

You can collect the item for quest 4 here.Turn in quest 8 will trigger quest 12, leave it till later. Do quest 9 first.

9 Seared Scourge (62.32)

Turn it in and this quest will become a daily. Go back to camp to turn in quest 4/9 and accept quest 10. You can also get " Say Hello to My Little Friend ", leave it till later.

10 Search and Rescue

This is an Instance quest, it can be skipped.Turn it in will trigger quest 11.

11 Head Games

This is an Instance quest, it can be skipped.

12 Heart of the Ancients (37.32)
13 My Heart is in Your Hands (37.32)
14 Voices From the Dust (69.18)

Dont do this quest, go to Westfall Brigade Encampment, keep this quest till later.

15 Cleansing Drak'Tharon (71.26)

This is an Instance quest, it can be skipped.