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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Venture Bay

WLK Aliance 70-80 Leveling Guide

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Venture Bay

There is a PVP place called Venture Bay at Southwest part of Grizzly Hills. If you are a PVPer, you just can not miss it. Otherwise you can go to Granite Springs.

Venture Bay(PVP)

Get quest 1 near river, west of Amberpin Lodge.

1 Blackriver Skirmish (28.63)

Turn it in will trigger quest 2/3/4/5, you can do any of them.

2 Down With Captain Zorna! (13.80)
3 Keep Them at Bay! (20.76)
4 Smoke 'Em Out (62.32)
5 Seeking Solvent (16.80)

Quest 6 can be triggered only when Venture Bay has been captured by Alliance.

6 Riding the Red Rocket (16.80)