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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Fordragon Hold

Fordragon Hold is close to The Wrath Gate. Here is the front line for alliance against the Lich King. You will see Flight Master but no Inn. The commander of Alliance Highlord Bolvar Fordragon can be found here. You will receive some quests from him. The Only quest line here available is The Wrath Gate.

Quest Line One: The Wrath Gate

1 An End And A Beginning (78.48)
2 To Fordragon Hold! (37.23)
3 Audience With The Dragon Queen (59.54)
4 Galakrond and the Scourge (59.53)
5 On Ruby Wings (55.33)
6 Return To Angrathar (37.23)

This quest is a MUST DO, turn it in will trigger an amazing cinematic.

7 Reborn From The Ashes (38.19)
8 Fate, Up Against Your Will (32.38)
9 A Royal Coup (80.38)
10 The Killing Time (50.67)
11 The Battle For The Undercity (79.38)