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Wyrmrest Temple Part III

Quest Line Three Bronze Dragonshrine

20 Mystery of the Infinite (71.39)

This is a fun quest. You in the future will come back to help you finish this quest. Wow, now it's getting sci-fi. And the most fun part is, when you reach level 80 and come back to this place, Chromie will give you quest 21 that send you back to the past and helping the current you. So don't forget do quest 21 after reach 80, otherwise you won't be able to help yourself now

21 Mystery of the Infinite, Redux (71.39)

Quest Line Four: Emerald Dragonshrine

22 Seeds of the Lashers (59.54)

Nishera the Garden Keeper will give you quest 23/24

23 Cycle of Life (64.74)
24 The Plume of Alystros (64.74)

This is a team quest reqires at least 3 players, you can skip it if you don't want to do it.

Turn in quest 22 will trigger 25

25 That Which Creates Can (57.42)
  Also Destroy  

The quest needs to run three different locations with a very far distance. Accept the quest and carry on for next part. You will be reminded when passing by these locations.

We are done here, fly to Wintergarde Keep.