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Wyrmrest Temple Part I

Wyrmrest Temple is a neutral camp. Here has Inn and Flight Master. This is the saint place of dragon. Sartharion's trait was suppressed here. Besides, Dragon queen is on the top of the power, you will receive some of the quests from her. Ok, Band your Hearth stone, get you gear repaired let's move out. There are four quest lines: Ruby Dragonshrine/Obsidian Dragonshrine/ Bronze Dragonshrine/ Emerald Dragonshrine

1 Your Gaining an Audience (57.54)

Speak with Tariolstrasz will fly you to the middle or top of Wyrmrest Temple. Lord Afrasastrasz and Torastrasza also provide flight service.

Turn in this quest will trigger quest" Speak with your Ambassador " the pilot quest for quest line Ruby Dragonshrine.

On top of Wyrmrest Temple, you can get " The Obsidian Dragonshrine " ," Mystery of the Infinite " and " Seeds of the Lashers " which are the pilot quests for other quest lines. You can do these quests by the following sequence.

Quest Line One: Ruby Dragonshrine

2 Speak with your Ambassador (60.55)
3 Report to the Ruby (52.50)
4 Heated Battle (51.52)

Turn in this quest will trigger quest 5/6.

5 Return to the Earth (48.48)
6 Through Fields of Flame (48.48)

Dahlia Suntouch will drop Ruby Brooch, click it to trigger quest 7.

7 The Fate of the Ruby (59.54)
8 The Steward of Wyrmrest (57.54)

Go back to Wyrmrest Temple

9 Informing the Queen (59.54)
10 Report to Lord Afrasastrasz (59.54)
11 Defending Wyrmrest Temple (55.66)

Turn in this quest. I will become a daily.