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Stars' Rest Part II

Quest Line Two: South

Now we can start with 8 for Quest Line South.

8 Rifle the Bodies (24.58)

You will meet Ethenial Moonshadow while doing quest 8, speak with him will trigger quest 9.

9 Avenge this Atrocity! (25.63)
10 End Arcanimus (20.59)

9/10 will not affect quest line, you can skill them if you want.

Go back to camp.

11 Prevent the Accord (18.58)

Goramosh will drop item Goramosh's Strange Device, click it will trigger quest 12.

12 A Strange Device (28.55)

Go back to camp.

13 Projections and Plans (24.57)

Go back to camp.

14 The Focus on the Beach (26.64)

Captain Emmymalin will drop a letter, click it to trigger 15.

15 A Letter for Home (29.55)

Go back to camp will receive quest 16/17

16 Atop the Woodlands (31.71)
17 Strengthen the Ancients (33.61)

You can skip this quest if you dont want to do it. It wont affect quest line.

Go back to camp.

18 Search Indu'le Village (40.66)
19 The End of the Line (53.65)

Turn in this quest then go back to camp to accept quest " Gaining an Audience " and " High Commander Halford Wyrmbane ". Then Gryphon will fly you to Wintergarde Keep. Speak with the flight master once you arrive, then go to Wyrmrest Temple in the middle of the map.