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Stars' Rest Part I

Depart from Tuskarr camp and you will arrive at our next stop Stars' Rest. Even through This is a small camp, but we still can find Inn and Flight master here. There is still a long way to go, so better set your hearth stone here. Here has two quest linesNorth/South.

Before start with quest lines here, finish quest 1/2/3 first.

1 Your Presence is Required at (28.55)
Stars' Rest
2 The Lost Courier (28.56)
3 Of Traitors and Treason (29.55)

Turn in this quest will trigger quest" High Commander Halford Wyrmbane " . DO NOT accept this quest otherwise you will be taken to Wintergarde Keep by Gryphon. This is really a waste of time because we will go there anyway after we finish the quest line here. So ignore this quest for now and get it later when we done here.

Quest Line One: North

You will find the quest 4 and 8 at camp which are the pilot quest for quest line North and quest line South. Lets start with quest 4.

4 The Liquid Fire of Elune (28.49)
5 Kill the Cultists (24.43)

Mobs will drop " The Favor of Zangus " while doing this quest, click on it will trigger quest

6 The Favor of Zangus (29.55)

Go back to camp.

7 The High Cultist (26.49)

Quest Line North ends, start South.