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Moa'ki Harbor

Moaki Harbor is a Tuskarr camp, there has Inn and Flight Point. Set your Hearth Stone here, buy enough water and breads. There are three quest lines here: Bait and Trap/ Den Mother and Pup/ The Lingering

Quest Line One: Bait and Trap

Get Quest 1 under the water near dock.

1 Signs of Big Watery Trouble (47.76)
2 The Bait (42.81)
3 Meat on the Hook (46.78)
4 Tua'kea's Crab Traps (51.78)

Once trigger quest 4, you will be given an item Tua'kea's Breathing Bladder. Use it then you will be able to breath under the water.

Quest Line Two: Den Mother and Pup

You can receive quest 5/6 near the Inn along with pilot quest "Your Presence is Required at Stars' Rest". Leave the pilot quest for later.

5 Planning for the Future (46.68)
6 Let Nothing Go To Waste (45.58)
7 Slay Loguhn (46.59)

Quest Line Three: The Lingering

You should have received quest 8

8 Spiritual Insight (49.75)
9 Elder Mana'loa (36.65)
10 Freedom for the Lingering (36.65)
11 Conversing With the Depths (34.83)

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