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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Frost Wildervar Part II

12 Spawn of the Twisted Glade (54.27)

Carry on quest line Ulfang. Use Worg Disguise to speak with Ulfang.

13 Seeds of the Blacksouled (54.27)

Turn in 12/13 will trigger 14.

14 Keeper Witherleaf (54.27)

We are done here, let's move to quest line Giants' Run

Giants' Run

15 March of the Giants (72.25)
16 The Book of Runes (72.25)

Turn in 15/16 will trigger 17/18

17 Mastering the Runes (71.28)
18 The Lodestone (71.17)

Turn in 17/18 will trigger 19/20

19 The Rune of Command (71.24)

Requires at least 3 players.

20 Demolishing Megalith (68.10)

Requires at least 3 players.

The adventure of Howlingfjord ends here, now you can go to next map. There are two options:

1.Take Turtle ship at Moa'ki Harbor from Kamagua to Dragonblight.

2.Take Turtle ship at Moa'ki Harbor from to Unu'pe, start the journey at Borean Tundra.