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Westguard Keep Part II


Scout Knowles is in Ember Spear Tower at west of Halgrind

13 Report to Scout Knowles (44.57)
14 Mission Eternal Flame (48.55)
15 Mission: Package Retrieval (50.53)
16 Mission: Forsaken Intel (30.41)
17 Absholutely...Thish Will Work! (29.43)
18 You Tell HimHic! (28.44)
19 Mission: Plague This! (31.44)

Turn in this quest will trigger" Operation: Skornful Wrath " which is the pilot quest of Westguard Sergeant quest line. You will all so get an item " Westguard Command Insignia ", use it when you arrive Skom and draw out NPC to trigger a new quest, NPC will follow you, it's easy for you to turn in the quest and get a new one. If Npc disappeared, you can just simple use the item and summon again.