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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Westguard Keep Part I

Westguard Keep is the main camp of Alliance at west part of Howlingfjord, here has Inn and Flight Point. There are four quests line here Westguard Keep / Halgrind / Skorn / Gjalerbron

Westguard Keep

1 To Westguard Keep (28.44)
2 News From the East (28.44)

Turn in this quest will trigger 3/4/5 and a Pilot quest" My daughter "

3 Shoveltusk Soup Again (34.40)
4 One Size Does Not Fit All (35.41)
5 The Clutches of Evil (38.49)

You can get 6 when doing 5 at Ember Clutch.

6 Root Causes (41.52)

Turn in 3/4/5/6 go back to get 7.

7 Mage-Lieutenant Malister
8 Two Wrongs (37.49)

Turn in this quest will trigger 9/10 and the pilot quest" Report to Scout Knowles" for Halgrind quest line.

9 Danger Explosives (36.39)
10 Send Them Packing (36.39)

Turn in 9/10 then go back to get 11

11 Leader of the Deranged (31.34)

This is an optional daily quest, suggest do this quest with another player together.

12 Break the Blockade (28.41)

Tune in this quest. Then go to Ember Spear Tower at southeast of Ember Clutch to speak with Scout Knowles.