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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Explorers' League Outpost

Explorers' League Outpost is a small Alliance camp. There has no Inn and Flight master. Three quest/story lines occur here: Walt/Hidalgo the Master Falconer/Lieutenant Icehammer.

1 The Explorers' League (74.65)

Turn in this quest will trigger 2, 18. Keep 18 for later and start With 2 first.

2 Problems on the High (75.65)
3 Tools to Get the Job (79.47)
4 Out of My Element (79.47)
5 We Have the Technology (67.46)
6 We Can Rebuild It (64.41)(67.55)(60.61)

5 and 6 need a lot of items. You can do the following " Lieutenant Icehammer " quest line first and collect the items at same area.

7 Meet Lieutenant (64.46)
8 Drop It then Rock It (64.39)
9 Harpoon Master Yavus (65.56)
10 It Goes to 11 (64.53)
11 Anguish of Nifflevar (68.55)
12 Let's Go Surfing Now (68.55)

Turn in this quest will give you the third item for 6 " We Can Rebuild It "Go back to walt to turn in 5 and 6.

13 Iron Rune Constructs and (75.65)
  You: Rocket Jumping  
14 Iron Rune Constructs and (74.65)
  You: Collecting Data  
15 Iron Rune Constructs and (74.65)
  You: The Bluff  

Finish this quest will trigger 16 and 17

16 Lightning Infused Relics (72.71)
17 The Delicate Sound of (71.72)

Turn in this quest will trigger Pilot Quest" News From The East " You can skip quest line Hidalgo the Master Falconer and jump to next part directly.

Hidalgo the Master Falconer quest line is kind of hard and not worthy, we suggest you skip this part.

Hidalgo the Master Falconer

18 Trust is Earned