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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Transitus Shield Prat II

11 Cracking the Code Get the Azure Codex from Inquisitor Caleras
and collect 3 Shimmering Runes.
12 Have They No Shame Enter the Nexus and recover Berinand's

The Nexus Instance Quest.

13 Puzzling Bring the Scintillating Fragment to Raelorasz.

This is a drop quest , it will trigger quest line Keristrasza

14 The Cell Obtain the Prison Casing and the Energy Core.
15 Keristrasza Keristrasza wants you to speak to her.
16 Bait And Switch Collect 10 Crystalized Mana Shards from
around Coldarra.
17 Saragosa's End Use the Power Focus to lure Saragosa, and
then defeat her.
18 Mustering the Reds Bring her to Raelorasz at the Transitus Shield.
19 Springing the Trap Use Raelorasz' flare at the Nexus' northwest
20 Prisoner of War Enter the Nexus and release Keristrasza.

The Nexus Instance Quest.

Ok, that's all for Borean Tundra's adventure. Now you can pack up and go to next map.You have 2 options:

Option One, go directly to Dragonblight. You can take Turtle's ship from Unu'pe to Moa'ki Harbor in Dragonbilight or go across northeast part of Borean Tundra to Dragonblight.

Option Two, once you arrive Moa'ki Harbor, change the ship to Howlingfjord for new adventure.