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Winterfin Retreat

Winterfin Retreat is the only camp of Murloc in Northrend, this is a neutral camp, you can find the cute baby Murloc here.

1 King mrgl-mrgl Speak with King Mrgl-Mrgl.
2 Learning to communicate Use conch upon Scalder's

Turn in this quest will trigger (3)(4)(5)

3 Winterfin commerce Collect 10 Winterfin Clams.
4 Them
5 Oh noes.The tadpoles Rescue 20 Winterfin Tadpoles.

Turn in this quest will trigger (6)

6 I'm being blackmailed by Speak with Mrmrglm.
  my cleaner  

Turn in this quest will trigger (7)(8)

7 Grmmurggll mrllggrl Mrmrglmr wants you to return to him at
  glrggl Winterfin Retreat with Glrggl's Head.
8 Succulent orca stew Acquiring 7 Succulent Orca Blubber.

Turn in this quest will trigger (9)

9 The spare suit Return King Mrgl-Mrgl's Spare Suit to him.
10 Surrender...not King Mrgl-Mrgl at Winterfin Retreat has
    asked you to bring him a Claw of Claximus.

When doing this quest, you will find other 2 quests in the cave.

11 Keymaster urmgrgl Retrieve Urmgrgl's Key.
12 Escape from the Escort Lurgglbr to safety and
  winterfin caverns then report to King Mrgl-Mrgl.