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Amber Ledge

Amber Ledge is one of the neutral camps of red dragon. There has no Inn, Flight Master is an adult red dragon, there are two quest lines Prison Break and " Monitoring The Rift ". No need to do these two separately, you can finish them by the following sequence.

1 Nick Of Time Go to Amber Ledge to the north and thank
those there for rescuing her.
2 Prison Break Collect the Beryl Prison Key.
3 Monitoring The Rift: Use the Arcanometer at the
  Cleftcliff Anomaly Cleftcliff Anomaly.
4 Abduction Use the Arcane Binder on a
    wounded Beryl Sorcerer.
5 The borean inquisition Offer your assistance to
    Librarian Normantis.
6 The art of persuasion Use the Neural Needler on the
    Imprisoned Bery.
7 Sharing intelligence Report to Librarian Donathan.
8 A race against time Defeat Salrand and collect the
    key she holds.
9 Reforging the key Speak to Surristrasz on Amber
10 Taking wing Give Salrand's Key to Warmage
11 Rescuing evanor Free Lady Evanor at Beryl Point.
12 Dragonspeak Speak with Surristrasz on Amber

Turn in this quest will trigger " Traversing the rift ". This is the beginning of Quest Line Transitus Shield.

13 Monitoring the rift: Use the Arcanometer at the
Sundered Chasm Sundered Chasm anomaly.
14 Monitoring the rift: Use the Arcanometer at Winterfin
  Winterfin Cavern Caverns.

This quest need to be done in Winterfin Retreat map, you can finish Winterfin Retreat Quest line then come back to turn it in.