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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Fizzcrank Airstrip Part I

Fizzcrank Airstrip is the other camp of Alliance in Borean Tundra. The inn is very Gnome style. Find Fizzcrank Fullthrottle on second floor.

1 Distress Call Speak with Fizzcrank Fullthrottle. (57.18)
2 (2) The Mechagnomes (57.18) find Jinky Wingnut.

After turning in this quest, you will receive (3) (11) (14), these are the beginning of four quest lines. You will also receive "King mrgl-mrgl", leave this one for later and finish the quests as following sequence.

Quest Line I Crafty Wobblesprocket

3 Dirty, Stinkin' Snobolds! (56.10) Retrieve 10 boxes of Crafty's Stuff.
4 Just a Few More Things (64.23)(81.42) Collect Crafty's Tools.

This quest requires an item " Overcharged Capacitor " that made by Engineering, you can buy it from Trade Channel if your profession is not Engineering. You can jump to next quest line if you couldnt get this item.

5 Hah... You're Not So Big Now! Test out Crafty's Ultra-Advanced Proto-Typical
Shortening Blaster.
6 Plan B Collect 10 Warsong Outfits and a Warsong
7 It Was The Orcs, Honest! Plant the Warsong Banner in the corpse of
8 Get Me Outa Here!
9 The Ultrasonic Screwdriver Deliver the Ultrasonic Screwdriver to Crafty Wobblesprocket. While kill the mobs, they will randomly drop a item The Ultrasonic
Screwdriver, click it will trigger this quest. Finish the quest and you will receive (10).
10 Master and Servant Use the Ultrasonic Screwdriver to reprogram
15 robots.