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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Valiance Keep Part III

Quest Line IV Thassarian

Locate Leryssa on second floor at Inn.

31 The Late William Allerton Bring the Enlistment Card to Leryssa. (58.68)
32 Lost and Found Speak to James Deacon. (58.68)
33 In Wine, Truth Bring a bottle of Kul Tiras Wine to Old Man
Colburn. (61.65) (58.68)
34 A Deserter Find the prison. (56.71)
35 Cowards and Fools Speak to Ataika. (63.46)
36 Not Without a Fight! Slay 12 Kvaldir Raiders
37 Preparing for the Worst Gather 8 Kaskala Supplies
38 Muahit's Wisdom Find Elder Muahit.(67.54)
39 Spirits Watch Over Us Find Iruk's corpse. (67.50)
40 The Tides Turn Kill Heigarr the Horrible. (67.56)

Go to Ataika to receive (41)

41 The Son of Karkut Go east to Death's Stand.(82.46)

When passing by Unu'pe the camp of tuskarr, don't forget speak with Flight Master. Here has an Inn but no quest, so no need to set hearth stone here. Here also has turtle's ship to Dragonblight, but no use for you now.

42 Surrounded! Slay 7 Ziggurat Defenders.
43 Thassarian, the Death Knight Look for Thassarian. (84.41)
44 Finding the Phylactery Obtain the Tanathal's Phylactery. (82.46)
45 Buying Some Time (86.26) Inflict 20 casualties against the
46 Words of Power (83.20) (88.20) (89.28) Go to the Temple City of
En'kilah and retrieve scrolls.
47 Last Rites (86.28) (86.31)

This is not a must do quest, the quest need at least two player who are well geared, if you can't find a good team, just skip this quest and jump to next phase.