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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Valiance Keep Part I

Valiance Keep is one of the two camps of Alliance's in this map. The Inn is just near the dock,Speak with the Innkeeper and band your hearth stone here. The Flight Master is just out side of the Inn,don't forget to talk with him to add your flight route. If you want to level any skill,you can find all skill trainers here.

Tip: Doing quest of WLK is quite different compared with old versions. You wouldn't be able to get a bunch of quests once you are at camp,now you can only start with one or two quest and it will be a single or double story/quest line,you can only trigger the next quest by finishing the previous one.

Valiance Keep has four quest lines: Defend the Valiance Keep, Riplash Strand,Farshire and Thassarian.

Tip: Click here for WOW Coordinate Add-on link. Just download the file and extract the "Koordinator" folder to 'Path:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\',e.g. 'C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns'. (Note: this is a recommended website link, but we are not responsible for its safety and contents)

Quest Line I Defend the Valiance Keep

1 Enlistment Day Meet with General Arlos.(56.72)
2 A Time For Heroes Report to Sergeant Hammerhill.(56.69)
3 The Siege kill 6 Crypt Crawlers.(54.66)
4 Death From Above Slay 6 Scourged Flamespitters.(54.70)
5 A Soldier in Need Retrieve Hawthorn's Anti-Venom.(57.69)
6 Cultists Among Us Speak to Captain " Lefty " Lugsail. (57.69)
7 Notify Arlos Speak to General Arlos. (56.72)

After completing this quest you will receive " Enemies of the Light "," Plug the Sinkholes and A Diplomatic Mission ". " A Diplomatic Mission " is the beginning for quest line Riplash Strand. So leave this quest for later,carry on the other two first.

8 Enemies of the Light Retrieve the Cultist Communique. (54.62)
9 Plug the Sinkholes Collapse the sinkholes.(54.63) (51.72)
10 Further Investigation Bring the Cultist Communique to Vindicator
Yaala. (58.67)
11 The Hunt is On Defeat Cult of the Damned members. (58.67)
(59.68) (56.71)

This is the end of the quest line,but you need to do one more quest " Word on the Street ".

12 Word on the Street Find Leryssa. (58.68)

After completing this quest you will receive " Thassarian,My Brother ". This is the beginning for quest line Thassarian. You will also receive:" Distress Call " and " Nick Of Time " .Leave these two for later,do quest line:Riplash Strand first.

Quest Line II Riplash Strand

13 A Diplomatic Mission Speak to Karuk.(47.75)
14 Karuk's Oath Slay 6 Skadir Raiders and 5 Skadir
Longboatmen. (48.78)
15 Gamel the Cruel Defeat Gamel the Cruel. (46.78)
16 Cruelty of the Kvaldir Save the Captured Tuskarr Prisoner. (44.77)

You can skip this one if you can not find the start NPC

17 A Father's Words Look for Veehja. (43.80)
18 The Trident of Naz'jan Obtain the Trident of Naz'jan. (55.88)