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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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New Features for WotLK


People can absolutely enjoy more fun from WotLK compared with TBC, we have to say, WotLK is great! Blizzard designed a completely new form of play. At TBC version, you walked into a camp and received dozen of quests, then went out side finding mobs and killing them over and over... Now you can kiss good-bye to grinding, WotLK is designed as a single or multiple quest/story line. You have to finish the previous quest to trigger the next quest. In that case, you will be more involved in story mode and experience the amazing world of warcraft. Our guide is providing the overview for each quest/story line so that people who are using the guide will have a better understanding of it.


A continent with 10 parts (2 PVP Map), Northrend can be found between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. A cold and, until recently, desolate place. Northrend is the place where the Lich King Arthas holds dominion. You will be able to access Northrend as early as level 68.


Inscription is like enchanting to weapons and armors. You can enhance attributes such as, haste rating increase, increased spell range, reduced reagent cost and etc. You can use Herbalism as the primary gathering skill for Inscription. The enhancements come in the form of glyphs that can be bought and sold over the auction house. These glyphs are added to a new page in your spellbook that has a limited number of slots. There two different "tiers" of glyph: Minor Glyph and Major Glyph. A glyph in the Major tier might add a significant amount of damage or reduce the cast time of a spell, while a glyph in the Minor tier might make a cosmetic change, such as Polymorph: Penguin.


In order to unlock the Death Knight can be converted at level 55. So if you want a Death Knight and don't want to waste your main, you have to level a new from 1 to 55. Death Knights have their own starting area: a floating necropolis above the Eastern Plaguelands. The Death Knight is a tank hybrid but can not use shields. They can wear plate armor. All races can be converted to a Death Knight.

Some one say Death Knights ARE NOT superior to the classes already in place, despite being referred to as a "hero class". Others say hat Death Knights will be capable of tanking 5-man instances. In end-game content, they will be most suited to tanking bosses that deal magic damage, due to an ability they have that reduces it. We are not going to make the judgment here. We have a particular Death Knight Leveling Guide, you can find answers there.