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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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  1. Prepare yourself with one sack of food and fix the equipment before leaving the camp. Blood Death Knight has strong ability of health recovery, ususally low life situation doesn't appear in combats. But food is still necessary in many other emergencies like damage caused by falls from high places. Also binding Bandage is more effective way. No matter which way you adopt, don't use it within the Aggro redium of any mobs in order not to be interrupted.
  2. One mob at a time, Blizzard programs scattered mobs over areas and disconnected aggro radium. Kill as less mobs as you can in a battle and keep the fight within your capability. Learn to observe routes of mobs and not start a combat in an area where other mobs on patrol will also probably attack you on patrol. Facing 2 mobs means damage suffered or consumption also doubles. Taking care of the mobs patrolling around before start to kill main target; fixing your target by use of Felguard charge, avoiding fear which bring about aggro of other mobs are all good tactics.
  3. Don't hesitate to use ablities with CD, the longest abliit Cooldown of warrior is only take 5 min. These abilities with CD can increase the efficiency of your kill.
  4. Take defensive equipment with you. When grouping for Elite quests, you are mostly likely to tank. As long as you change and wear the defensive, talents won't matters that much and your teammates may help you establish agrros.