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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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How to Choose Professions

Since TBC expansion, each profession can make epic items or gears for the players that can only use by themselves. So choose the proper trade skill can provide very good improvement. The followings are the improvement you can get by each profession.

Mining: Increase 300 HP
Skinning: Increase Crit Chance by 15 Points. Crit Chance is an important attribute for Rogue. And Skinning can support Leatherworking with materials. This is a pretty good choice.
Herbalism: Regenerate 1200 HP within 5 sec, 3 minutes cooldown.

The above three collection skills can only increase basic attributes. Comparing with trade skills collection skills really don't offer too many bonuses. The purpose of choosing collection skill is not for gear improvement, it's just for making more gold.


After patch 3.0, you can only drink one mana portion or healing portion during the fight.


Enchanting has been considered as a trade skill that can make lots of money. Now you can also enchant rings for yourself.


Goggles with different styles are the most useful stuff made by Engineering. A high quality goggle can improve your gear level a lot at early game stage. Along with more Epic gears at end game stage, the importance of Engineering will be decreased. Engineering can also produce stuff with special functions. This profession can improve your overall ability.


Inscription is open to all players in patch 3.0. In our opinion, exactly like Enchanting, we categorize it into the profitable "Production" professions which will be relatively low in gains of ability. Note that at level 70, off-hand books by inscription will benefit a Mage. Additionally, enchanted Shoulder by inscription is also a pretty good choice.


will become a very beneficial profession for a level 80 Death Knight enhancing all attributes with specially made gems.


Should be the favorite profession of a DK. By blacksmithing, specially designed purple weapon and superior Blues can be made.


Most of the leathers don't fit DK, rogue and druid prefer leatherworking more. As we all know that fact here, a Death Knight wearing Plates is always cool.

One single cloak with embroidered magical pattern by tailoring wont'matter much.

Recommendation Ranking:

Blacksmithing > Mining> Jewelcrafting > Inscription > Engineering > Enchanting > Leatherworking > Tailoring > Other gathering professions