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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Attribute Enhancement

Weapon Speed:

Slow Two-handed weapons recommended

Basic Attributes:

1 point stamina

10 Health
1 point strength

2 AP increased parry ranks( equals to 25% of strengh value)

1 point agility 2 armor, simultineously increases crit and dodge rating.

Level 80, 166.7 intellect increases 1% spell CH.

Level 80, spirit:

Recovers health which equals to spirit/2+6 per 2 second under non-combat situtation

Every 14 AP increase 1 point DPS, AP also influences damage of all spells abilities such like Death and Decay.

It enables you reduce the chance enemies dodge or parry your attack, at level 70, Each 3.94 Expertise Ranks means 1 point increase in Expertise bringing 0.25% drop in chance that your enemy dodges and parry your attack. Consumption items of Expertise are at lower rank compared with those for HR, improving Expertise is the best way to increase HR before Expertise reaches at its maximum.

In addition, Expertise also plays an efficient role in increasing DPS and TPS. When in combat with peer enemies, 20 points expertise is sufficient. DK can gain at most 11 points of expertise increase by talent specs, some races can also gain 3 or 5 point expertise so as to easily meet the requirement of dodge avoidance.


Hit Rating attributes decides how well you hit on your targets. Under the situation of full Weapon skills, HR stays at 5% on peer mobs(24% with dual hand weapons). You need at least 5% HR during the powerleveling process)

Non-strike skill of DK are of spell school category, HR thus deals with more damge value with Spell hit than with physical hit. So player doen 't need to concern much over SH when Physical Hit has been ensureed. As for Level 80 DKs, 26.23 Hit Ranks=1% spell hit.

Haste Ranks

It positively influces your attaking speed, at level 70, each 15.76 haste rating Rank equals 1% attaking speed increase. Please note that Picking up speed means improved frequency of your attacking moves within a timing unit. There is always an overlap between equipment with Haste ranks and Buffs that raises attack speed by percentages. Raised Haste Rank increases both physical and spell haste rating at the same ratio; however spell haste rating is of little significance for DK and won 't reduce the global CD.


Aims at reducing the armor attributes of your targets, is a very good output attributes.


Dogde one attack from your enemy, only effective to those confronting mob 's attack. One the contrary, mobs can duck the attacks from behind. For a level 80 DK, ,73.53 agility=1% dodge


Use melee weapons to block the attack, won 't work without melean weapons. Like dodge, only take effects to attacks coming to your face. Disabled to those ranged attacks. Mobs don 't pary attack from behind too. A DK can raise Parry ranks by as much as 25% of his strengh value.

Atrribute Preference in weapon selection:

Strength > CH > HR = Expertise > AP > ARP > Hatste > Agility > Stamina > Parry > Dodge