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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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Death Knight Level 55 Talent Build

LV 70 Talent

There are 3 kinds of talent trees for Death Knight:

Blood: This talent tree mainly focus on melee damage. Death Knight can get a strong cruising power with many abilities which can heal DK himself.

Frost: DK can be tank with this talent, and will make frost damage. Control force and Explosive power are contributed from this talent tree. Unholy: Shadow damage will be the main damage for this talent. Unholy DK is good at PVP. They can improve the speed for moving and attacking. Also they have great AOE abilities.

In this case, we highly recommend you choose Blood Talent for leveling. DK gets no talent point when he was born at level 55. Some quests need to be finished which DK can gain talent points.


Blood Gorged

Blood line10
60 60 Dancing Rune Weapon Blood line 11
61-62 Vicious Strikes

Unholy line 1 left

63-65 Morbidity Unholy line 1 middle
66-67 Epidemic Unholy line 2 left
68-70 Ravenous Dead Unholy line 2 right
71-75 Necrosis Unholy line 3 2nd
76-77 On a Pale Horse Unholy line 4 1st
78 Shadow of Death Unholy line 4 right
79-80 Blood-Caked Blade Unholy line 4 2nd