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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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The beginning of the beginning

People can absolutely enjoy more fun from WotLK compared with TBC, we have to say, WotLK is great! Blizzard has designed a completely new form of play. At TBC version, you walked into a camp and received dozen of quests, then went out side finding mobs and killing them over and over... Now you can kiss good-bye to grinding, WotLK is designed as a single or multiple quest/story lines. You have to finish the previous quest to trigger the next quest. In that case, you will be more involved in story mode and experience the amazing world of warcraft. Our guide is providing the overview for each quest/story line so that people who are using the guide will have a better understanding of it.

Other New Stuff that we have to mention:

  • The level cap will be raised to level 80.
  • The skill cap will be raised to 450.
  • Talent trees will be expanded with the levels, and the Death Knight will have three unique trees of its own.
  • An achievement system will be added. You will be rewarded by completing miscellaneous tasks.There are over 400 achievements. Looks like Blizzard is learning from XBOX live.
  • Hairstyles can be changed at barber shop.
  • "Siege weapons" and "destructible" buildings will be introduced. At least one zone ( Lake Wintergrasp ) will feature these.

There also other amazing changes which we can not list them here one by one. We will leave it to you to discover them. So get your stuff packed up, we are about to start confronting Lich King's invasion.