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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Priest

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Steel Gate

Steel Gate is Dwarf's digging field, there's no Inn or Flight Point. Here you will experience your first Sky fight!

1 My Daughter (30.28)

Turn in this quest will trigger 2/5. Start with 2 first.

2 See to the Operations
3 I've Got a Flying Machine (30.27)
4 Steel Gate Patrol

Turn in this quest and speak with Explorer Jaren at west coast.

5 Where is Explorer Jaren? (24.32)
6 And You Thought Murlocs (21.25)
  Smelled Bad!  

Old Icefin at west coast will give you next quest 7

7 Trident of the Son (24.36)

Mobs at this area will drop" Scourge Device ", click it will trigger 8.

8 It's a Scourge Device (24.32)
9 Bring Down Those Shields (21.24)

Turn in this quest and go back to Steel Gate, you can get 10/11

10 Scare the Guano Out of Them! (30.16)

You can finish this quest while running Ulfang quest line. So do 11 first.

11 The Cleansing (61.2)

This is the begging of quest line Ulfang. Turn in this quest and you will learn floating skill, float down hill to trigger Frost Wildervar Flight Point. Then receive quests " Down to the Wire,Preying Upon the Weak and The Yeti Next Door ", you can do these quest while going back Steel Gate.

12 In Worg's Clothing (29.60)

Carry on quest line Ulfang. Use Worg Disguise to speak with Ulfang.

13 Brother Betrayers (26.19)
14 Eyes of the Eagle (41.37)
15 Alpha Worg (26.15)

We are done here, go to Frost Wildervar, finish " Down to the Wire,Preying Upon the Weak and The Yeti Next Door " while going to Frost Wildervar