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Had to aait Somers extra time but got 5000 extra gold. Super!.

Bart De waele
July 22,2011

The gold did not arrive within the first 6 hours but I was compensated very well. Good communication with a happy ending..

July 21,2011

Gold recevie under 30min FAst service, even if my server got a lot of wow gold buyer :P.

Francois Dupuis
July 20,2011

Once again very fast delivery, 16,000g in under 10 minutes! You guys are great!.

Shelly Goulas
July 18,2011

5 stars ! Great service, and FAST delivery . THANKYOU !.

Daniel Harrison
July 18,2011

Amazing!!! Great Customer service! The gold came in matter of minutes. This is the reason why I love doing business with Guy4game!! :D.

Tommy Chong
July 17,2011

I have made two purchases with this site so far and both times have been great. Ok, I had to wait a little longer than I expected but when compared to other sites, they delivered within hours and not weeks! Great service, 24/7 on-line chat with real people, fast, trustworthy and cheap. What more do you want? Chris..

July 15,2011

You guys are awesome. Super fast this time around, I appreciate it. Thank you..

July 15,2011

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! always so quick. only once have you not had enough and then i got more :) i shall use you lots in my wow days :) 7/8 orders in 10 mins. the one that they didnt do straight away was a huge order. 10000000000/10 rating :).

July 15,2011

just finished my last transaction. gold within 5 minutes, power leveled right on time w/ good items in my level. great team very professional. i'll comeback soon. \m/.

July 13,2011

Received gold in about 10 minutes from purchase. Will be doing business with this company for all my gold needs!.

July 12,2011

A+++ *** I highly recommend this site!! I am overly impressed!!*** I purchased WOW Gold and within 10 mins of me logging back into the game i was contacted and the gold delivered. Very pleased and will definitely be a repeat customer. I will be referring other players to this site. Thanks, keep up the good work..

Dave Rattler
July 08,2011

Best service yet !!!!!.

July 06,2011

Guy4Game got me the gold I bought in less than 5 minutes after I purchased it online. Outstanding service and I'm glad I do not get spammed in the game from them..

Mr Buyer
July 06,2011

That was easy and quick. Thank you guys. :).

Jon **
July 05,2011

Love you guys..

July 03,2011

Great customer service. The time between transaction and getting your "product" is usually reallly amazing. Sometimes you have to wait awile but that is to be expected. This site is the best, Period..

July 02,2011

I like these guys. Not too bad. With me I have to wait a day or two for them to gather the gold ( I blame my lame realm) Other than that these guys are legit. They take screenshots after every trade so don't try to lie :P.

July 02,2011

i have never bought gold from this site befor and i tryed it out and was shocked to see how fast i was able to get it other sites take like 3-6 days to get up 20k gold guy4game took 4 hours to get me 33k gold and i was varry happy (i used all the gold for the vial of the sand's mount ) and now im going to get more gold from this site gut4game you have made a true customer.

July 02,2011

Only problems I've ever had have been low stocks, and they usually correct that within a few hours. Also, I wish I got this kind of customer service everywhere!! Thanks guys and gals.

Radical Edward
July 01,2011